Friday, July 30, 2004

Re-opening my holes

Back when I was a springier chicken I got some extra holes in my ears pierced. A few years after that I got my nose pierced as well. I was a little unsure about doing my ears since it seemed that everyone uterine-borne had these little piercings of raw, unadulterated originality. A couple of months later I took them out. I decided to rebel by being plain.

I had the same reservations as I was getting my nose done. It was too late to turn back, though. I was in the back room of Little India's Lord's Jewelers with Graham (not like the cracker, but gruh-HAWM like the chapati). I was sitting on a stool when Graham asked me for my "good name". I told him, hoping it was good enough for him. He eased in the sharp 24kt stud and I didn't feel much pain, except for the stench of curried lamb from his fingers. That's not his fault though, I came right after lunch time. For the next month I was walking around with a bright orange speck of sunshine on my right nostril. My nose felt graceful, as though it was the nose of Radha herself. Then out of nowhere, my nose lost its holiness. As I expected, the novelty wore off and my nose was noticing all the ordinary people with the golden branding and it no longer felt special. So I took the gaudy thing out. Now, a few years later...last night to be exact, I felt a little curious as to whether my holes were still there or if they were completely closed up. I budged with a safety pin on the remnants of the holes in my right ear and with minimal pain I succeeded! Same thing on my left ear.

My nose was really fun. The hole looked nothing more than a slightly enlarged pore. I delicately yet firmly budged with another tiny safety pin and it finally went through! Considering the time that's passed I was certain that was impossible. My holes are neat.

Now as I sit writing this to you I have a safety pin going through my nose. All I need to do now is get my arse to the mall and buy me a nose ring. Yeah, I might keep it, like for a week or so.

Poked and pricked,


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A blog...yay.

Hmm..this is interesting.  I always thought blogs were the staple of lameness in modern culture, surpassed only by goths and barbed wire tattoos. But alas, I am now lame. I shall descend into my cave filled with the stench of patchouli oil and blaring with the sounds of Norah Jones.
However, this is a good way to get all my thoughts out before they set up shop in my brain, forever ruining me.  It's kinda like the slime that comes off a snail as he's crawling on the sidewalk. (Remove ineffective analogy: here)
Oh yeah..I'm Rita.  I'm something of a youngin'.  I go to two different kinds of schools. I listen to the Fun Lovin' Criminals, the Pharcyde, Sargon Gabriel, Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade, and Linda George. 
  I'm very interested in Assyrian issues.  I don't really trust anyone "in charge".  I'm something of a megalomaniac because I sincerely believe that I will change things for Assyrians, hopefully, God willing.  I find it impossible to describe myself so stay tuned and see what unfolds. 
Yours in randomness,