Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I've Been Listening to Sade Because of You

I've been listening to Sade because of you.
Dancing and shouting and singing out of tune.
I've been trying to hear if there's any advice she gives on what to do;
her voice is so beautiful but she's left me with no clue.

Yeah, I've gone all Sade over you.
I'm so crazy for you;
I've been listening to Sade because of you.

I can't keep on thinking about you 'cause it hurts.
But I wanna keep hurtin', too.
Pictures of you in my head have got me cursed.
And I'm listening to Sade because of you.

He's a Smooth Operator,
and in the swamp of love
he's the meanest alligator.
Sweet manipulator.

"Sometimes I think that you're just too good for me";
sometimes I think you're not.
I've been listening to her songs consecutively;
lost in you and by that glare of your eyes I am sold and bought.

This is No Ordinary Love,
but no more ordinary than necessary.
By the world I've been pushed and shoved;
can I make your arms my sanctuary?

"In Heaven's name why do you play these games?",
cause you know they're making me want you more.
Although I know you're the one with more to gain,
I'm still standing there bleeding at your door.


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