Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the 3:00 am cup

The woman cries out cause she's lonely.
Her bag, next to her, is empty
and it's got all that she needs in it.

the taken
and the given

She falls just for the hell of it.
She thinks her heart's just like a lamp
and wonders how she's ever gonna get it lit.

In that dusk
in her room
she thrusts and thrusts
to get out of that womb.

Falling hard
to get up harder
crying soft
to laugh at it louder.
She goes down down down
she likes to think she's only just circling, twirling, spinning around round round.

Wood and moss
rotting carcass of an albatross.
The Ups and the Downs both laugh at that there coin toss
Lift, carry, and lower your cross.

Ten times never
She swears she's done.
Fly, fly, very high firefly,
don't lower yourself to run.

Now that heartbeat in her chest is just an alarm clock.
Children lost can only see her
suffering and toiling to beseech her.
She's a giant, wide, exploding rock.


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