Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rita's Top Ten Greatest Things About Turning 27 list

10. My old-world mentality finally matches my age.

9. For reasons not limited to enjoying gas-inducing foods and possibly finding potential husbands, I can now enjoy such things as the Annual Broccoli Festival.

8. It makes more sense for me to be having the nerdy discussions that I love so much, on topics such as world religions and language history. An example being: "'Ishtar', 'Ostara', 'Esther', and 'Easter' are all slight variants of roughly the same concept held throughout different regions in the world." You know, the kinda talk that gets me lots of dates.(sarcasm)

7. It also makes more sense for me to be speaking the very authentic and maybe, even a little old-fashioned sounding Assyrian that I love to speak - the kind that even makes Assyrian senior citizens cringe. Ay meela al haw'lee!!

6. Older men see me as a vivacious lil' thing and in the eyes of younger men I have entered MILF-hood for which they readily worship and dote on me.

5. I am one year closer to being able to fully relate to my favorite fictional characters, The Golden Girls.

4. Because of my age and experience, I have now earned the privelege of having the bitter and ornery sense of humor I've always wanted to have.

3. Feeling that I have the right to write a "Top Ten Greatest Things About Turning 27" and making my friends read it.

2. The phrase "I'm too old for this shit" is now, and in most cases, a legitimate excuse not to do something I don't want to do, or go somewhere I don't want to go.

And finally, the absolute greatest thing about turning 27...

1. Not being dead.

Happy Birthday to me!!!


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