Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Art School" Is An Oxymoron

It is ridiculous to me how many institutions of creativity are in place. Schools of design offering several programs for the artistic-minded to delve into, like fashion, painting, sculpting etc. I don't mind graphic design programs where you actually have to learn something technological so you're able to do what you enjoy, but these schools I first mentioned are so obviously there just to get your money.

My childhood dream was to become a fashion designer. It probably still kinda is. I once made appointments not too long ago with two of these so-called schools. One was the more prestigious one..with a heftier price tag. The other one was supposedly not so prestigious and way less reputable but only cost about $3,000 less. At the first one, and let's just call it Le Institut Prestige, my counselor told me I would have to take a one-year "art orientation" type program to really make sure that fashion design is what I want to study. Then after I'm sure and know I want to be the next Miuccia Prada, THEN I could have the privilege of taking fashion courses for the next three years. Bee-ess. Money money money.

How do you teach someone art? How could one person instruct someone else to see something in an artistic way? I know this question is silly, because it is accomplished...err rather...attempted all the time time but when that happens, in my humble opinion, that's not art. That is actually instruction and mental conditioning done in an artistic setting. This is accomplished by the instructor *instructing* the student to look at + something that's blue by putting it next to a certain shade of turquoise which makes the original blue look purple. It's about learning the knowledge having to do with colors, sizes, and shapes and it will never be artistic. It is recycled art and when it's recycled it's just the same exact thing as writing a history report. Just information passing from one person to the next, absolutely inspiration-less.


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