Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"You Drive Like a Vagina!"

Although the human vagina (the female anatomical one) has been known to endure pain a lot better than the human penis (the male anatomical one), it has for some reason come to be the subject of jokes in regards to weakness in men and sometimes women too, but you don't usually hear someone calling another woman a "pussy". At least I haven't. Maybe someone has called me one behind my back.

That would be funny.

This is really odd, especially since there was a very long period of time when men revered and feared women, who were the ones in power. And the vagina especially, terrified men because rumors and urban legends regarding the vagina and it's penis-destroying powers circulated freely, namely the "Vagina Dentata" - the toothed vagina. The vagina dentata myth appeared in many different cultures, and this idea scared men because it was believed that they would be castrated once they entered this gaping hole of doom. This myth still exists on a small scale, mostly in Freudian theories and modern pop culture. Don't take my word for it, wiki or Google it.

As a woman, the vagina used as insult fodder does bother me, but you see I'm an optimist. I try to make light of all things. Why don't we come to a compromise? "Pussy" is so crass. Tuat is too odd, cunt sounds too blunt because aside from rhyming with the word it's too short and not rhythmical enough.

It'll have to be vagina. It sounds like a European name so it won't offend women as much because lots of women kinda like European things, like Italian shoes, French lingerie, and European spas.

Spread the word.

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