Saturday, June 11, 2005

There I go menstruating again!

Seriously, this whole bleeding-all-over-myself thing is getting old. Who needs it?

Sometimes I think it's because of the bleeding that makes women so bitchy and emotional, not the hormone fluctuation. Think it over for a second, a red liquid coming out of the most notorious orifice of the woman's body, how morbid. Subconsciously, that has a huge effect, I'm sure.

Speaking of vaginas...I came to the conclusion that the reason women started carrying purses was because of menstruation. They had things to carry because of it and it became a fashion statement. Of course this is just a theory. I've been trying to do research on the internet and all I get is sentimental websites about grandma's purse or porn sites. Apparently, purse-snatching scenarios are a big fantasy I wasn't aware of. Anyway, I'm gonna start calling purses pussy-pouches.


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