Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A blog...yay.

Hmm..this is interesting.  I always thought blogs were the staple of lameness in modern culture, surpassed only by goths and barbed wire tattoos. But alas, I am now lame. I shall descend into my cave filled with the stench of patchouli oil and blaring with the sounds of Norah Jones.
However, this is a good way to get all my thoughts out before they set up shop in my brain, forever ruining me.  It's kinda like the slime that comes off a snail as he's crawling on the sidewalk. (Remove ineffective analogy: here)
Oh yeah..I'm Rita.  I'm something of a youngin'.  I go to two different kinds of schools. I listen to the Fun Lovin' Criminals, the Pharcyde, Sargon Gabriel, Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade, and Linda George. 
  I'm very interested in Assyrian issues.  I don't really trust anyone "in charge".  I'm something of a megalomaniac because I sincerely believe that I will change things for Assyrians, hopefully, God willing.  I find it impossible to describe myself so stay tuned and see what unfolds. 
Yours in randomness,


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