Friday, August 01, 2008

Cute/lame/skanky Halloween costumes

I love black and white together...this one's very pretty:
http://www. trashy. com/Cigarette-Girl-Skirt. 12055-product. htm

Alice in Whorerland:
http://www. trashy. com/Alice-Sophisticate. 12069-product. htm

lol...Gestapo Slut!:
http://www. trashy. com/General-Perversion-Coat-Dress. 12173-product. htm

Major Slutte:
http://www. trashy. com/General-Perversion-Corset-with-Bow. 12138-product. htm

Aww...Little Red Riding HOod.

I know, that wasn't even witty:
http://www. trashy. com/Bridget-Red-Riding-Hood-Dress. 12073-product. htm

VERY tacky, but for some reason, I like it:
http://www. trashy. com/Bad-TinkerFairy-Dress. 12095-product. htm

Aww I love pink and red together, and the pink wig!:
http://www. trashy. com/Nurse-Candy-Corset. 12170-product. htm

Beautiful dress/color combo:
http://www. trashy. com/50s-Nurse-Hat. 12078-product. htm

Aww, I would use a real bird lol.

And oh yeah, lots and lots of liposuction:
http://www. trashy. com/Snow-White-Deluxe-Strapless-Top. 12074-product. htm

I love this one.

I also hate my blasphemously large thighs:
http://www. trashy. com/Cinderella-Corset. 12058-product. htm

Marching Band Slut = oxy moron:
http://www. trashy. com/Majorette-Shorts. 12157-product. htm

http://www. trashy. com/Marlene-Dietrich-Bustle. 12147-product. htm


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