Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Assyrian flag is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

For those of you innocent non-Assyrian bystanders just walking by saying "But Rita, I'm NOT Assyrian! How dare you make this self-indulgent statement assuming EVERYONE knows just how ungodly and tacky this impotent banner of a fallen people is?!" You like how it comes at you like that? :) Look at that, really just soak it all in. Talk about "random." It's terrible.

The symbol itself of the star with the waves (sun/sunshine) coming out is an ancient Assyrian symbol and in my opinion is beautiful but look at everything else. The bluntness of the design, the harsh lines and even harsher colors. Hmmm...blunt lines and ugly unmatched colors...does that remind you of the 1970's? It probably does. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is because that's when the design came out of the creative bowels of Assyrian atrist, George Bit Atanus. To read more on this almost Renaissance-like event in art history, do so here:

My biggest problem with the conception of the flag is that no one bothered to notice what a trendy and untimeless design it has. You're designing a flag for a nation. Be a little bit more careful and choose something CLASSIC. It's something important; not wallpaper that you can just strip off once it goes out of style, assholes.

You should see the stares I get when I'm driving, with my Assyrian flag blowing in the wind over my rearview. Especially around the 9/11 attacks...cops were eyeing it like as if it was a picture of Osama with a heart around his face. I feel like a tool with that thing hanging in my car. Alas, just another form of Assyrian martyrdom :)

I propose that we change it now, while we have the chance. Think about it, we're still unknown in the world, it won't cause major confusion if we do so now! We're going to have to be prepared to be looked at by all nations of the world. We should make it something more visually appealing and acceptable, like perhaps a stick-figure drawing of a drunk 25 year-old Assyrian at convention vomiting all over his "100% Assyrian" T-shirt. Who's with me?