Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Life is a pain in my ass

Isn't it a pain in yours too?

Think about it. EVERYDAY you have to get up out of BED, walk the five feet to the bathroom, piss, maybe shit, get in the shower, wash yourself all over, wash your hair, condition your hair, detangle your hair, wash all the soap off of your body, dry off, get out of the shower, clean your ears, brush your goddamned teeth, rinse with mouthwash, wash/exfoliate your face, put your underwear on, put some deodorant on, put your bra on, put your pants on, put your shirt on, maybe put a jacket on, maybe two jackets, put your socks on, put your shoes on, eat a lousy breakfast like a cup of rice bran and a hardboiled egg white, take your pills, drink some water, get your car keys, get your purse, get out of the door, lock the door, get in your car, start the car, put it in reverse, get out of the driveway, put the gear in drive, then the commute to school/work, then school/work and all the lovely personalities that come with the respective territories (and by lovely I mean hellishly shitty), then take a lunch break and eat some more crappy food, then the commute back, then some "relax-time" like being in a coma-like state on your bed, then the gym and the awesome personalities there, then come back home and take a shower, then have a little dinner like soynut salad, then brush your teeth, wash/exfoliate your face, get in your pajamas, then trying to go to sleep without having all the pointless details of the day play back in your head, then falling asleep and seeing some weird dreams like turning into a peacock or living in an igloo and having sex with a penguin, then waking up the next day...