Sunday, December 28, 2008

Distract Me

Distract me from my weary everyday
devise a plan to rescue me away
Come pluck my strings see that I'm out of tune
and I get much worse during a full moon.

please don't tell no one
fix me I'm undone
I'd sure love you to bring me back to life
I'll be great company if you just drive

Distract me from my boring Strive and Thrive;
distract me from this plain miserable life.
Please would you take me out on Valentine's,
promise me that you'll show me a great time.

Touch me lightly, kiss me sweetly
whisper softly
be passion-crazy, wake me make me scream.
Do what you want with me,
just don't wake me
from this numbingly sweet distracting dream.

tell me your sweet bright white lies
im your desperate alibi

understand you're that perfect kind of man
for my selfish distract me plan


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