Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Girl, you're too funny, Funny Girl.

At some point in space and time, a good sense of humor has been attributed to the male sex.

For some reason, in the collective Mind of Society it made more sense for humor to be masculine. I won't get into proving this by giving examples and disproving opposing theories, but all the funny women of the world know this. And only funny women have this awareness because they are on the recieving end of male animosity and insecurity. Am I saying I am one of those women? Fuck yeah, I am.

This is even shown in our media. Mainstream entertainment has a specific image for the funny girl; usually fat and unhappy. Miserly and grumpy. An old maid who has no fruit left to bear so she offers her offspring; cynicism and sarcasm.

But penis-owners are stars as comedians, no matter how mediocre. Armed with their mediocre sitcoms and mediocre co-stars, these men have the duty of making the world laugh. They live out their lives to pursue this testosterone-backed Manifest Destiny of laughter. Because women just aren't funny. I mean come on, they're too emotional to laugh at anything. And they over-analyze instead of being able to just objectively observe, so they're never able to deduce the humor in anything. Right? Wrong!

If you get the right bitch that's so annoyed with everything that she sees nothing but humor in everything then life will be pretty darned amusing and comical. The fact that a woman is funny when she's "supposed" to be only maternal and sensitive is funny in and of itself.

Yes I know, this isn't a new thing, women have been using their sense of humor to empower themselves for a really long time now. But this is affecting me right now. Me, honestly speaking, the most important person in my existence. Just recently over the past year I started to embrace my sense of humor. I've realized that I'm not hilarious, and sometimes I definitely do sound like I try too hard, but nevertheless, I am funny. People have been known to burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter in my presence. It's there and I can't apologize for it.

It's an issue for me because I have been in "dating" situations where the men I was with were put off by the fact that I said things that made them laugh. The incident was identitical with more than two men: I would say something in the midst of an engaging conversation that would make us both laugh. But I would laugh and be natural, whereas they would laugh in a surprised way, be silent for a second, then try to make a funnier comment. After a series of this kind of back and forth the vibe would definitely be different. The at some point my date-monkey would say something like "well, aren't you a funny little girl?" in a condescending way. It also meant: "I don't wanna fuck you anymore".

One man in particular, in response to one of my jokes said "you're silly". Silly? That was bad. That was downplaying my sense of humor to glorify his, (which by the way he was very proud of and nurtured it to boast it every chance he could get) just to punish me for taking the spotlight away from him for a second.

Motherfucker, I'm not silly, I'm funny. There's a huge fucking difference

And whoever can't be man enough to handle the fact that I may possibly be funnier than him for a second here and there, does not deserve to be in my presence, let alone to laugh at my jokes.